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It all started with our passion for beauty.

1979 marked the start of our dream having only one production line. The company is serving generation after generation, producing more than 100 brands. We focus on continuous innovation to make sure we always meet people’s needs with our superior quality and competitive prices. Over the past, we served clients in more than 10 countries. We kept our promise to always maintain our quality and we will continue to keep it by improving our formulation even more to make sure we deliver the most premium quality products. We will always put your beauty our first priority.

All your Beauty needs in one place

Our Vision

"To empower women to standout through quality beauty products"

Our Mission

"On a Mission to offer quality beauty products with the most competitive prices"

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Our Story

  • 1979 - The Beginning

The Year 1979 marked the start of Yasmina Cosmetics ® with on main goal to continue serving a generation after another with the same quality we promised to deliver - September of the same year our all time star Acetone was introduced

  • 1983 - The First Egyptian-Soviet Deal

The First ever trade agreement in the cosmetics industry to occur between the Egyptian and the Soviet nations, followed by the opening of our offices in Moscow & Kiev where we introduced products like: Yasmina Shampoo, Perfumes and Eau De Toilet: YSL, Balenciaga, Ted Lapidus, One Man Show

  • 1992 - BioPoint

Yasmina Cosmetics ® collaborated with Revlon (Previous owner of Biopoint) to introduce BioPoint - a leader in the hair care sector, to our market in Egypt and abroad. The same year saw the introduction of Universal, Bleaching Powder & Hydrogen Per Oxide

  • 2002 - Yasmina / Libya

Started exporting to Libya

  • 2010 Expanding our reach

With the cosmetics business flourishing back then, a strategic decision was taken to grow our reach to include areas like Jordan, Libya, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Czech Republic and Romania

  • 2016 Cologne Product

bringing back the cologne product, and introducing the Vip products with 5 different flavors

  • 1981 - Setting Up our Factory

Yasmina Cosmetics ® is proudly one of the first Egyptian cosmetics factories to operate in Egypt after the openness of the Egyptian cosmetics market "Al Infetah" - Two important lines where introduced: Tonic Water & Nail Polish

  • 1990 - Yasmina

First Yasmina Russian Distribution Office

  • 1994 - 1998 Expanding Business

Introudcing the Nail Varnish, Nail Polish Remover, Maskara, Eye Liner, Foundation, Face Powder, Eye Shadow, Hair Styling Cream and Hand and Body Lotion

1997: Marrow Treatment and Hair Straightener

1998: Hair Spray and Gel Spray Biopoint

1998: Faconable Eau De Toilet

  • 2006 - Lamsa

Yasmina Cosmetics introduced Lamsa to the Egyptian market for the purpose of distriputing the Egyptian Cosmetics market. 

  • 2012 - Africa

Yasmina  new project the Expansion of Export to the African Continent taking advantage of the Comesa  Agreement (African Free Trade Agreement).

  • 2020 Sanitation Market

Amid COVID-19, Yasmina Cosmetics made a caution decision to enter the sanitation market and introduce The hand sanitizer with aloe vera as well as surface disinfectants.

And we continue to deliver excellence everyday...

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